Free Network Security Evaluation

Network Security Evaluation

The main purpose of a security evaluation is to discover vulnerable points in the architecture of an IT infrastructure. Penetration testing alone is not enough to discover these weaknesses; the main purpose of a penetration test is to bypass existing security mechanisms rather than checking the entire architecture. A good example of mechanisms that can bypass penetration tests but which are identified in security evaluations include: local antivirus policy and updates, user privileges separation and management, confidential data processing, safe storage and encryption. All these points are assessed and reported upon during the security evaluation process.


Complementary Technology Assessment Includes:

  • On-site Consultation

    We will evaluate your servers, network & data infrastructure.

  • Proactive Network Security Analysis

    Is your network secure?

  • Virus Scanning & Protection Evaluation

    Don't let the next virus take you down.

  • Email Spam & Malware Assessment

    Stop junk mail & aggressive malware

  • Assessment of Backup Systems

    Are you protected against data loss?

  • Assessment of Power Protection Systems

    Stay protected from power failure

  • Disaster Prevention Plan Inspection

    Do you have a disaster prevention plan?

  • Internet Speed Check

    Internet connection & review of results / options.

  • Ensure Software is Current

    Check service packs, updates, & security patches.

  • Remote Access and VPN Solutions

    Empower your remote workforce.

  • Cloud Computing Assessment

    Embrace the Power of the Cloud.

Professional Consulting Services

As part of our full-service approach, ExColo provides both consulting and professional services for the Cyber Security products within our portfolio. Consulting engagements are staffed by engineers who can assess, identify, and plan the proper solution for your business.

Our Professional Consulting Services include:

  • ASSESS: ExColo will meet with your Network Management Team to discuss your current environment and your needs.
  • IDENTIFY: We will identify the solutions that meets your goals to ensures what you purchase indeed supports your intent.
  • PLAN: Our team will engage to develop a plan that implements, functionally tests and optimizes the solution for your environment. We’ll schedule all tasks to fit around your schedule.
  • DEPLOYMENT: Deploy your solution quickly and effectively. Our experts will configure and tune devices according to a proven best practice methodology. We will also provide advisory services to ensure the that the solution is appropriately mapped to your unique environment and will deploy advanced policy layer techniques, reporting, alerting, and automation where available.
  • OPTIMIZATION: We can ensure that your implementation is optimized with your current network topology. All our security experts have extensive knowledge of network security and other products to provide an optimization plan that makes your environment easier to support and maintain.
  • ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW: We can quickly assess the deployment of your current installation including network traffic, spans, and interface feeds to verify that they properly match up with the new architecture. Further, we will perform a gap analysis to ensure the network, architecture, and topology are properly covered.
  • KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: We take the time to go over the basic functionality, operation and maintenance of your solution. This empowers you to manage it day-to-day.

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