ExColo CTD (Cisco Cyber Threat Defense) Solution.

The Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution delivers broad visibility into the most dangerous and stealthy network threats by providing ubiquitous threat detection within the interior of the network. Leveraging the Lancope SteatlhWatch systems in conjunction with the Cisco ISE solution companies are able to quickly and effectively remediate potential threats.

Combining traffic analysis (Lancope) with user context (Cisco ISE) provides unparalleled visibility of the network.

Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution provides visibility into these threats by identifying suspicious network traffic patterns within the network interior thus giving security analysts the contextual information necessary to discern the level of threat these suspicious patterns represent.

“Combining the network visibility of Lancope’s StealthWatch with Cisco’s robust infrastructure presents a powerful partnership for cyber threat defense,” said Scott Harrell, vice president, security technology group, Cisco.

- Scott Harrell

Properly deploying these solutions requires a deep understanding all components involved to ensure complete a fully operational and usable system. ExColo is unique as we are experts in Cisco security and network solutions as well as THE experts for the Lancope StealthWatch solution. As a longtime partner of both Lancope and Cisco we have deeply established relationships which allow us to provide customers with a reliable and trusted partner for the deployment of the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense solution.

ExColo works directly with customers and other Cisco Partners for the deployment of the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense solution.