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ExColo LLC is a IT Consulting Firm that specializes in the areas of Security, Data Center, Mobility, LAN / WAN, and Cloud Services.

ExColo is an established, professional IT services provider which uniquely meets needs of small, medium and large businesses across various industries. Our knowledge, experience and work ethic, along with rapid response time, are attributes that set us apart from the competition. We tailor our services to fit your specific IT needs, helping you achieve and sustain optimal system performance and uptime.

available services

Technology Planning & Strategy

Maximize your IT budget and avoid surprises! Take advantage of lower costs and greater efficiencies achieved through careful, systematic planning.

Cloud computing

Cloud options must be considered in your business technology plan. The state of cloud technology continues to evolve, which is why ExColo supports adopting an optimal mix of cloud services (private, public, and hybrid).

Network Security Solutions

Hackers are continually looking for a way to create havoc. Are you just as vigilant in stopping them? Secure your network with a layered approach to intrusion detection and threat management.

Network Design and Integration

Increase user experience and satisfaction fast! ExColo improves network performance, stability and security based on industry best practices. Services include network assessments, upgrades, expansions and optimization.

Latest stats

To BYOD or Not?

According to the survey, over 60 percent of enterprises allow or tolerate employee use of personal devices to access enterprise data. Only a small minority of enterprises, 11 percent, have no plans to allow such usage. Enterprises that allow BYOD expect the primary benefits to be improved employee productivity and satisfaction and better overall security, and 58 percent expect related budgets to increase or stay flat.

Personal Security

In 2014 alone, 47 percent of American adults had their personal information exposed by hackers— via the Ponemon Institute

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